Friday, 12 April 2013

Over so soon...

Apologies for the slightly melodramatic and potentially misleading post title, but I do like a mini-headline cum attention-grabber!

So, what exacty is "over so soon"? Have I quit blogging, posting, photographing, painting, wargaming or something??? No.

What is "over so soon", is the English knights I planned for the first draft of my 1314 project. I am moving on to pastures new now this section is done, firstly with some WIP sergeants to fill out the English cavalry units and then on to the "peasants" and, especially (as they are lagging behind in numerical terms) the Scots.

Thus, without further ado, I present the six knights who, together with half a dozen sergeants, will form "Hereford's Cavalry" in my first draft English army.


Hugh de Lacey, Earl of Lincoln. I was rather surprised to discover how rare green was in English heraldry of the time when I started this project. Needless to say, I was not surprised to see that purple was extremely rare (!), but here is some in the form of de Lacey's lion rampant, armed and langued gules.
A wider shot of the Earl. He will get a big flag, as he was pretty important.

William Sampson. Details on his heraldry came courtesy of the excellent DMWS site in Denmark, whose medieval page carries loads of Edward I era English heraldry (

Thomas de Furnival. Yet more of those infernal martlets with which I had so much trouble when I painted de Mounteny for Clifford's retinue earlier in the project.

Robert de Mauley, distinguished from his brother by the three eagles displayed, his brother Edward having wyverns instead.

John d'Engaigne

William de Ridre. Tip: if you want to paint crescents or indeed anything rounded, use the thinnest paint you can get away with and try not to breathe while you do it.......