Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fanatical converts

Hot on the heels of the last few conversions comes another few conversions.

Perry Mahdists again for the most part, with a solitary Perry ACW Zouave thrown in for good measure, obtained free with a copy of WI several months back.

Two of the figures have clay fire pots, inspired by a scene in Simon Scarrow's "Sword & Scimitar" novel set during the siege of Malta. A good read if you are interested, but ignore references to Janissaries with musket rests...

Good naval combat stuff before we get to the siege though! I may yet get around to a galiot, lanterna or similar for the demo game!

I have been painting proper troops recently, namely more Old Glory Turks, without a conversion in sight (well, apart from the one whose mace I broke off accidently so he ended up with a spear instead). I will post these soon for anyone who is interested. Just three and a half months to go before this lot take the stage for their first planned outing at Wargamer, so must crack on. Only about another 160 figures to do.
(I wonder how nephews P & N are getting on with the terrain...)


Four Mahdists and a Zouave may seem like the title of a Hugh Grant film set in a toy soldier shop, but is also exactly what we have here.

The Firepot Fellas. The shields are drawing pins. The pots are cut down from the ends of spears and flag poles to leave a round pot piece out of which protrudes something I hope looks at least a little bit like a smoking fuse. Who said "Comedy bomb?"

More drawing pin shields on otherwise conventional Mahdists masquerading as 16th Century North Africans.

The zouave, with another drawing pin shield.

And again. How nice of those French and Americans to use a North African model for their soldiery.