Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The first of the opposition

After Janissaries and North Africans, it is time for a few Christians to show their faces, eager to save the Med from the growing shadow of the Crescent.

Using Old Glory figures again, mostly, from their "Bravos & Swashbucklers" pack, I mixed in some old Vendel Border Reivers I had lying around. In all, I managed to cobble together around 40 figures, including a few cavalry, so that should keep me going for a while whilst I source and fund the remainder I decide on to complete the project. I expect Old Glory will feature strongly in the burgeoning collection, mainly their "Wars of Religion" range, but I am wary of having to buy all my figures in packs of 30. I can always mix and match, I suppose, to use up any spares. £24 for 30 figures is pretty decent too. Redoubt may also feature, the advantage being single figure purchases so I only buy what I need, but they are more expensive.

Then there are all the odds and ends..........This could get expensive.

Even more expensive still if I choose to expand the collection to enable the provision of a few French Wars of Religion encounters, save Ireland from the Irish with some of Good Queen Bess' admirers or just have at the Dutch with Don Quixote and his mates..................................


A unit of arquebusiers led by that indomitable Flemish mercenary and part-time playwright, Willem Wagheldagger.

A close up of Willem Wagheldagger. Who can forget his classic works, written in his non-mercenary moments, such as "Little Ado About Something", "First Night", "A Midwinter Day's Nightmare" and his seminal piece about a Scandinavian prince, "Toilet". 
A trio of Vendel gunners, dead-eyes the three of 'em.

Over exposed by the hot, Mediterranean sun, we have some tough natives ready to sell their lives dearly to the hated enemy. Front rank Vendel, rear rank Old Glory.

Don Quisanctuari and his Spaniards

Don Quisanctuari himself, hardened veteran of the later Italian Wars and the bordellos of Seville.