Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! (Especially anyone taking the time to read this!!!)

It is once more that time of year when I take stock and "plan" out my next twelve months of wargames activity - in a very basic way, you understand.

One thing I will NOT be doing this year is painting furiously for the Wyrley Retinue's 2016 show game. It is not that we will not be putting on a game, or that someone else is taking on that role, but simply that I want to do lots of things in my wargaming, not sweat over just one project. For the past two years, I have pored lovingly over, firstly, my English and Scots and then, for this year's game, over Turks and Christians for "Malta". Besides which, I have an idea in mind for 2016's game for which I reckon I have most of what I need.


Paint lots of little projects as the mood takes me.

I have started with Vikings for SAGA and have today finished my first point of troops - 12 levies. I did spend a week or so before Christmas building plastic figures, enough to give me two 4pt forces and I have ideas in mind for a small campaign, so that is off the mark.

I am also considering other, similar small projects for which I have some stuff already - "The Crescent & The Cross", "Muskets & Tomahawks", "Judge Dredd".

I can see myself adding to existing stuff too, so 15mm WW2 Russians to face my SS at Kursk or later, some Turkish cavalry to expand my force for "Malta" to something more readily useable, some Border Horse to allow my Christian troops for the same project to become Reivers, more 1690 stuff, more 30 Years' War, finally complete my Mordor Orcs...

Spend less...

Play more games.

I played just 23 games in 2014, 8 of which were at two separate tournaments, and 3 of which were at separate shows as part of the Wyrley Retinue, so not a great strike rate. I umpired another 4.

Post more.

Just 19 in the twelve months of 2014 may signify many things, but it does not signify my passion for my hobby, so I want to up the ante on that in 2015. I hope they will all be relevant and worth reading, so let me know via your comments if you want more of something on the blog.

So, have a great year everyone and do stay tuned!


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  1. Good luck with this year's projects. Looking forward to seeing the results.