Sunday, 23 August 2015

Gaelic Glee

Despite my penchant for the cruddier troop types, I still went a tad overboard on Fianna for my Irish forces. My excuse is that Dave Thomas was offering a deal and it would have been rude to leave a pack or two behind on the racks.

So, I bought both available packs of 8 figures with Danish Axes, giving me four lots of Fianna so equipped. These too are Crusader Miniatures and, I trust, will punch a fair few holes in many a foe as they swing and chop their way through life.

As usual, I indulged my passion for colour when painting these and patterned clothing was almost a given.

The Irish are done for the moment, but I will indulge in some horsemen sooner rather than later. One thought has occurred to me however. With the figures I have now bought and painted for my Dark Age Irish forces, I must have around 10pts' worth in SAGA terms.

That is verily a "Plethora of Plashers" to those of us who remember WRG 6th Edition Ancients, with the Irish able to spend points on the good, old plashed wood edge option. I imagine it saved a bit on buying and painting troops for those with Dark Age Irish armies...


The entire 16 figures, or four units of Fianna in SAGA terms. Two attack dice each so who cares about the reduced armour they have without a shield?

A patterned-cloth close up.

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