Monday, 30 November 2015


Just a quick suggestion to you all to pop down to your local chain of newsagents or, if you are very lucky, your local wargames shop (because there are not too many around, after all).

With luck, on the relevant shelf, you will spy a copy of the publication featured in the photos below. It can be yours for a paltry £5.95 in Britain/ $9.95 in the USA.

Now, I am not averse to painting a few figures and have won the odd award for said practice, but I do not profess to be an "expert" or anything and like what I think this type of publication brings to the hobby party, alongside terrain books, modelling books and the like.

This one has a range of sections, including preparation, faces and skin, metal, basing, etc., with a section on conversions to round things off. You will not find the sort of detailed, specific project article beloved of other magazines, but there is enough detail to get anyone going should inspiration fail or fear strike. The examples given are also pretty comprehensive, with everything from varied skin tones to different metals to painting wood covered.

You will not find much on weathering for those interested in such, but for anything pre-vehicle age, you should not go far wrong with just this single publication.

I do not believe any of this is new, having seen much of it over the years in the magazine which published this tome, but it is good to see it brought together in one package. Of course, you can also find such stuff on line, but I like something to hold (psychologists' thesis subject as I am...)

Recommended for new painters and old lags alike.


P.S. - I am not connected to the publishers in any way. This is simply my view on this publication. Other publications exist.

The WI publication in question.

IMHO, it does exactly what it says on the back cover.

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