Monday, 12 December 2016

WARGAMER, 4th December, 2016

Hello again.

Not much to say this time as I want to let the photos tell the story of the show that was "Wargamer", 2016. I will post pictures of our little offering over the next day or so but, for now, here are various photos of some of the other games.

I have absolutely no idea who did most of them, as most of the teams seemed to be publicity-shy and I don't automatically get a programme being a demonstrator, but I enjoyed the show and spent too much!!!


La Haye Sainte

Homage to Hyboria and the late Terry Wise

1914 action

A game about dinosaurs and Nazis. What's not to like?

Somewhere in South Africa in 1879 (with or without Stanley Baker and Michael Caine)

Some Dark Age action

The "Twenty-minuters" (if "Blackadder is to be believed, which it most definitely is not!)

Napoleonics...that's about all I can remember of this one

More Napoleonics, with French and Bavarians setting to against Prussians and Russians

The Alumwell club put on this figure-heavy Peninsular War game with masses of lovely buildings

...and a British battery

Something amphibious...

a "SAGA" participation game, the rules that started my own, personal Dark Age adventure


And M3's. The half track M3 as opposed to the M3 Lee, etc.

A participation game of some sort

And Russians!

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