Thursday, 4 May 2017

Sleeping Dragon Hobbyshop

Hello again.

Just a quick post to bring to your attention the arrival on the scene of a new source for your paint and scenic material needs, together with whatever they expand into over the coming months and years.

Nephew Nick is now Nephew Nick the Entrepreneur!

He has gone into business with his wife, Claire, as The Sleeping Dragon Hobbyshop, with the intention of providing a range of those various non-figure options we all need as wargamers to enhance the look of our various projects. They are looking to attend various shows in the future and develop their product base, so check out and check them out.

At the risk of being accused of rampant and unbounded nepotism, let me just say in all honesty that I have known Nick all his life (!) and he is seriously passionate about our hobby, has a "right" way of doing things and has considerable experience in a customer service environment. He simply will not let you down. I would certainly trust him with my order and my money and I do not say that lightly or just because we are related!!!

I truly wish him all the very best with this venture and heartily encourage all of you to check out the growing product list on the web and/ or at a show sometime soon.


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