Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A long time ago, in a peninsula far, far away...

Hello again.

A few months back, as you may remember from a previous post, I made my usual journey to the WMMS show at the Aldersley Leisure Centre near Wolverhampton to demo our Vikings game and buy a few bits and bobs. Well, more than a few bits and bobs.

One of my major purchases was the Partizan Guide to the Crimean War and a starter force from Pendraken for that conflict, a Russian starter army to be precise, in Pendraken's usual 10mm format.

Well, the summer saw the completion of all except the cavalry element of that force, the dragoons in question being delayed whilst I sought some better source material than I had to hand, specifically covering flag details. Those dragoons are still not finished, but the rest of the force is.

This project will definitely grow as time wears on. I thoroughly enjoyed painting them and the timescale for completion thus far was measured in weeks rather than months. I still have a decision to make on rules, but have a few options there. I also need a good source of uniform and flag details for all arms, which I hope Laurence Spring's tome on the Russian army of this war will be, when I get the chance to peruse a copy, hopefully at Derby Worlds in a month's time. With both Pendraken and Magister Militum providing figures for this conflict in 10mm, I also have choices there, especially with MM's regimental light cavalry pack for the British having four regiments of cavalry, plus three gins, consisting of light dragoons, hussars and lancers, all for £27.50. Who said "Charge of the Light Brigade"?



Three battalions, each of six bases of four figures. Now, they might not actually end up as three battalions, as I have not settled on rules yet. Regimental Fire & Fury were my first option, but I will need a LOAD more figures for that. Thus, I also considered Black Powder and Ran & File, but no decision has been made yet. The figures are a mix of cap and helmet headgear, but all are greatcoated except the officers, one per battalion.


These are non-greatcoated figures, again a mix of helmet and cap. The army pack is pre-determined, so I made the best use, as I saw it, of whatever different figures I had to hand. To make the Jager stand out, they were all minus greatcoat. Fortunately, I had enough of each different type to make the choices I made with just a few spare figures left over.


Finally, I was able to muster six bases of four figures with cap and without greatcoat to form a Naval Infantry battalion. The flag was a lot simpler, but all are just rectangles of sticky label wrapped around the pole after being painted in the flat. I highlight them once they are hung. The Brigadier is the Officer from the dragoons I still need to finish.

Three generic field pieces with three crew figures each. The aforementioned brigadier is now a lowly battery commander.


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