Thursday, 12 July 2018

The "Barrage" Show, Stafford, England, 8th July, 2018

Hello again.

A full four days ago now saw those of us who call ourselves the "Wyrley Retinue" and could make the session attend the aforementioned Barrage Show in Stafford. I think it is fair to say we enjoyed ourselves and I at least spent too much...

I will save some pictures of our inaugural outing with "The Relief of Fort Nummanmason" for another time, but would like to herein show a few samples of the sort of thing on offer of gamers of all tribes. I do not necessarily know who put on what, because I did not get a program for the show as a demo-er, but hope you see something here that might inspire, intrigue or simply make the effort to see for yourself next year.

Two shots (one with free flash!) of a Star Wars game put on, I think, by the Leicester Phat Cats

Automotive carnage in the form of a "Gaslands" participation game, gamers unknown.

"Gangs of Rome", which is certainly getting a fair amount of air time in the wargames media. A very effective looking set up though.

I think this was called "Xeno-force" or "Xenohunt" or something like that. I think it was a sci-fi bug hunt sort of affair...

Me262's eye view of a Typhoon over Normandy. Again, I do not know who put on this game

Gettysburg, gamers unknown

The STAGS club of Telford put on this WW3 affair

Aha! A personal favourite, which drew me in, got me to play and subsequently convinced me to purchase. "GKR Heavy Hitters" from the WETA Workshop people. Big robots in a corporation-dominated world, all vying to promote their corporate sponsors to the detriment of their business rivals.

Austerlitz, I think by the Telford club/ a Telford club. Nice use of "blinds" for some fog of war, this game developed nicely.

Tunisia, 1943.

A "Gates of Antares" game

The "Wings of Glory" people were there with their WW1 aerial combat participation game. I have not seen this plane before, so took a photo to show it off. Would suit a female ace nicely methinks!

Apart from the games, there was the "usual" selection of traders of numerous hues.
  • I was massively impressed with the fact that Oathsworn were present with their "Burrows &Badgers" range, especially as they had some new stuff I had not seen before.
  • Oakbound Studio was also present with their Celtic mythological and other ranges.
  • My old acquaintance Roland Hynd, formerly Mr Stafford Games, was there with his new venture, "Firepower Games".
  • Ian McCulloch brought along his Eagle Figures - I was eager to get hold of some French and British cavalry to move my SYW collection eastwards and back to Europe, but they are still with the sculptor, alas!
  • Warlord, PE2, Rapier, Rubicon, Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop, Dave Lanchester and numerous others filled the walls with tempting products designed to empty my wallet, and many of them were successful in their attempts to purloin my finances!!!
All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I will cover our own gaming affair next time out and show a few glimpses into the latest purchases that threaten financial ruin, divorce or a house collapse under the weight of lead and plastic!

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