Thursday, 13 October 2011

On The First Day Of Blogmas...

Hello to anyone who has happened across my ramblings, whether by accident or design. I am a middle-aged Luddite who has decided to go technical and share a few thoughts, pictures, ideas and other stuff about my main passions in life after my family, namely wargaming and military history, and their physical manifestation - WARGAMES FIGURES!!!!!!!!!!!

I buy too many, I paint too few, I have been doing it for years and I love the entirety of the subject so much that I can cover pretty much something or other from 500BC to 1970's, with fantasy and sci-fi thrown in. I guess I should make the date range from 500BC to 40000AD.........

I will add the aforementioned thoughts, pictures and so on, and, when I get the chance (like tonight at Stafford Games perhaps, depending on how the pirate game goes.....), a report or two about my escapades in the world of miniature warfare.

It is 13th October, 2011, a day passing unnoticed, I suspect, in the world at large. But it is also the day I started to blog.


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  1. Good luck!! you'll find it quite addictive and a hell of a lot of fun!!!