Monday, 17 October 2011

Pirate game, 15/10/11

Ever had one of those days when you couldn't hit a bull's botty with a banjo???

15th October at Stafford Games - four pirate crews all after treasure being chaperoned by one of their number in a hedged, barn area. I shot, shot some more, melted down the local church roof to provide more bullets, shot a lot more and whole enemy pirate!

And my photos look all yellowish as the light in the gamesroom is not great. I will post what I have, but, like the classic school report - "could do better". (Both the pirates and my photography).

Time to lose Cap'n Morgan on a desert island somewhere and draft in Dutchy van Drijver and his trusty first mate, Wim Unwigger, latterly of the dodgier areas of far off Rotterdam.

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