Sunday, 20 November 2011

Project Earth painting complete (-ish)

After three weeks of on and off graft, the boards are now painted and ready to go to the Wargamer show on 11th December - all, that is, except the water features, which require some coats of varnish.

The biggest issue is getting the green right. Just what colour is "grass" anyway??? Yes, I know "green", but what shade? The boards are for 28mm figures, seen at a distance of about four feet for the average veiwer, so what looks right? The initial attempts at a yellow highlight left me thinking $%£&&$£!££!!!!!!!!!! The second highlight left me a lot happier. One major issue I still foresee, however, is that the show will be under yellow lighting and I was largely painting outside..........

I will post photos when I get some batteries for my digital camera.

I can also start posting some more photos of my figures now I have a stage on which to show them.

Stay tuned for both.


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