Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Battle of Steinkirche, 1632.

As some of you may already have realised, G has been busy building a demo game for today's Wargamer Show in Birmingham. The scenario was based on Steenkerke, 1692, as depicted in the second edition of the excellent Beneath Lily Banners rules by the League of Augsburg group. We backdated it 60 years to allow my 30 Years' War collection to take to the field, the French became Imperialists and the Anglo-Dutch became the Swedes. A close-fought game saw the Swedes home.

I hope the photos tell the story of a great day out.


Wallenstein and colleague

Nuremberg regiment

Light gun prepares to fire in support of the Swedish advance

Lorraine regiment marches to engage the Swedes

Gallas directing traffic as his vocal companion provides support

Imperialist siege gun

The Upplands cavalry regiment wants some action

Munich-Ebersberg clashes with Hepburn's. Hepburn's break after a sharp clash, but the Swedes refuse to rout with their Scots mercenaries and the advance continues

The Imperialist saker comes into action as the Loebl regiment moves up behind

The Vastgota are also keen to engage

The Croats, fresh from a raid, burst from the hamlet in the rear of the Swedish lines

The Pappenheim Kurassiere prepare to meet the onrushing Baner's Lifeguard in the climactic struggle of the game.

Piccolomini arquebusiers arrive from the camp

Jung Tilly advance under Wallenstein's watching eyes

The Imperialist lines are belatedly forming as the Swedes close in. The Yellow regiment to the right will soon blow great holes in it....

The endgame. The Pappenhiem Kurassiere are smashed by Baner's Lifeguard and rout

The late arrival of the Schwarze Kurassiere does nothing to help other than force the Swedish Blue regiment into hedgehog

The Swedish Yellow regiment break Jung Tilly, having first despatched the Aldringen regiment in the Imperialist vanguard

The Swedish Blue regiment forms hedgehog in the face of enemy cavalry, as Gustavus Adolphus rides off to glory

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