Sunday, 11 December 2011

More 30 Years' War

Some more shots from the demo game at Wargamer.


First turn, first arrivals - the Swedish Yellow regiment and, further back, the Red

The Red regiment

Hepburn's Scots may just feel at home advancing through the wet, marshy ground

Gustavus Adolphus jumping a random fence (shame about the shadow...)

Schlammersdorf's moving up

Turn 2 - the first wave and first reinforcements move forwards

The first defence - Munich-Ebersberg and Nuremberg leave camp

The Swedish Blue regiment marches down the road, flanked by Baner's Lifeguard

Holtzmuller's dragoons arrive belatedly

Baner's Lifeguard, led by Baner himself

The Imperialist Aldringen regiment were early arrivals but were doomed to face the Yellow regiment later on...

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