Sunday, 5 August 2012

Clifford's Retinue - slowly mustering

This 1300 project is a slow burner.

I have been trying  to work out how I can progress this as quickly as possible, alongside all my other stuff, the main issue being the heraldry. Painting it does not overly bother me, unless it is something stupidly complex, but that is mainly limited to the later middle ages, when family A was crossed with family B, with input from family C and a respectful nod to family D, etc. Don't you just love posh people?!?!?!?!

I hit upon the not exactly world-beating idea of selecting heraldry with the same basic colours, as shown below with a couple of gules and argent specimens, but heraldry itself takes time up paint neatly. The idea works quite well, but, necessary concentration to achieve the aforementioned neatness aside, you quickly run out of "identical" colour options within your chosen retinue and even within your period and the whole idea is to show the variety of the period, not paint uniforms!

Anyhow,  here are a couple more WIP shots of some more of Clifford's retinue from Bannockburn, namely Sir Richard Huddlestone and Sir Matthew Redmayne.

More to follow shortly, now I have moved from red and white to blue and yellow.


Richard Huddlestone (Gules fretty argent), composed of parts from the Fireforge Games Teutonic Knights box. Apart from some minor work on mould lines, etc, the most I had to do before gluing it all together and painting it was to remove horns from the helm.

I am not sure about how I have "bent" the straight lines around the cloth folds. I think his left is his better side!

Matthew Redmayne. Red and white again, but I do not know how to describe it properly. The white shapes look like tasselled cushions and have an ermine pattern.

Fireforge Games bits again, but no carving off horns this time.

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