Sunday, 5 August 2012

More posh blokes

More Fireforge Games bits went to make more for Lord Clifford to throw vainly at the odd schiltron or two.

As I posted last time, I moved from red and white to blue and yellow. I have tried to pick a couple of knights each time with the same colours for their heraldry to try and speed things up a little. Being a bit anal, however, I only want knights correct for the bit I am doing, which makes choice rather more difficult. I could do bits from different retinues, but then would not get any single retinue done quickly.
Oh, problems, problems....


Sir William Pennington - Or, five lozenges in fess azure.

When I put this figure together, I had in mind a little vignette of him avoiding the close contact of perhaps a lone Scots spearman or something. I foresee perhaps a spear striking under his shield or across his body as he charges in. Hmm, we will see.

Sir Thomas de Mounteny - Azure, a bend between six martlets or. A mrtlet is a small bird for those unaware. I found these very difficult to paint, despite their size!!!

I am not happy with the possible lack of strength in the plastic lances supplied in the box, so used an old Vendel pike for this one.


  1. Nice painting, I like how you've shaded the yellow.

  2. Great looking figures, the Mounteny figure turned out very nice.