Monday, 1 October 2012

More chiefs

As I posted a couple of days ago, I have not done much other than Frances for the past few weeks, but two of my projects of that time are presented here, Messrs Tilly and Saxe-Weimar.

As I try out a few more games of "Pike & Shotte" (I played my third on 23rd September), I was keen to get a few more brigadier options under my belt. For the uninitiated, regiments under those rules are placed into brigades or "battalia", each with its own commander, with a C-in-C overall.

I have had Oliver Cromwell (sorry, Saxe-Weimar) for a while, but bought Tilly at the Phalanx show in June (or possibly WMMMS in March......)

Both are now done, as you can see below.


Johann Tserclaes von Tilly, long time Imperialist commander. This is the Warlord Games figure. I love the religious symbolism built into him - the bible held aloft, the crucifix around his neck - every bit the champion of his faith until his death in 1632.

To add to the symbolism, I tried my hand at a small, rural shrine to adorn his base. The statue of the Virgin is a Heroics & Ros 1870 Prussian artilleryman, padded out with a little green stuff. I would have mounted it higher on a bigger plinth, but I felt it detracted from the figure and its purpose. So, small rural, wayside shrine it is.

This shot shows how tiny (too small probably) the finished article is when staged next to the Count.

Oliver Cromwell. Hmm, I mean, Bernard of Saxe-Weimar. This is again a Warlord figure, the sergeant a Renegade figure with a Redoubt head swap.

Facial close up.

Final shot, the sergeant calming the horse a little - I see them both in the thick of the action under a "hot fyre".

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  1. 2 great looking figures, I love the little shrine you added to the base, very apt!