Monday, 29 October 2012

When is it over?

Apologies for the melodramatic title, but I have been musing of late on exactly when a project can be considered complete.

It is clear to any who know me, and those who read any of my blog, that I have a varied collection of figures. The majority of my collection has never seen the light of day in these entries, but hopefully will one day. I started painting "proper" figures as a teenager, but back then it was trying to get 1500pts of WRG Ancients done as quickly as possible for a game. I then did the same as I delved into other areas.

My largest collections are 2nd Punic War (large Roman and Carthaginian armies in 15mm for DBM), Orcs/ Goblins and Tomb Kings for Warhammer, Swiss-Burgundians in 28mm, Chaos Space Marines for WH40K and, of course, my Thirty Years' War.

Yet, I still have a "need" for Spanish allies for both sides for my Punic Wars armies, though I can field several hundred points of each.
I still have an Arachnarok spider, numerous goblins, squig riders and various other bits and pieces for my Orcs and chariots, Constructs, more infantry, etc for my Tomb Kings.
I have a wealth of extra pikemen, dismounted coustillers and other types for my Swiss and Burgundians.
My CSM remain devoid of Possessed, Chosen, the vehicles I still have to build and paint for them, a couple more dreadnoughts and so on.

And then there is my overall favourite, my Thirty Years' War. I have developed this collection far more than the others, yet still have probably four more infantry regiments, a couple of horse regiments, some dragoons and other bits awaiting my attention. I still want some more command, horse and artillery!!!

Is this just some sort of megalomania? I doubt the figures will all be in use together more than a couple of times a year. What else do I really need?

So when does it stop?



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  1. For me it seems to end when I pop it all in eBay to pay for my next project...