Monday, 29 October 2012

When is it over?

Apologies for the melodramatic title, but I have been musing of late on exactly when a project can be considered complete.

It is clear to any who know me, and those who read any of my blog, that I have a varied collection of figures. The majority of my collection has never seen the light of day in these entries, but hopefully will one day. I started painting "proper" figures as a teenager, but back then it was trying to get 1500pts of WRG Ancients done as quickly as possible for a game. I then did the same as I delved into other areas.

My largest collections are 2nd Punic War (large Roman and Carthaginian armies in 15mm for DBM), Orcs/ Goblins and Tomb Kings for Warhammer, Swiss-Burgundians in 28mm, Chaos Space Marines for WH40K and, of course, my Thirty Years' War.

Yet, I still have a "need" for Spanish allies for both sides for my Punic Wars armies, though I can field several hundred points of each.
I still have an Arachnarok spider, numerous goblins, squig riders and various other bits and pieces for my Orcs and chariots, Constructs, more infantry, etc for my Tomb Kings.
I have a wealth of extra pikemen, dismounted coustillers and other types for my Swiss and Burgundians.
My CSM remain devoid of Possessed, Chosen, the vehicles I still have to build and paint for them, a couple more dreadnoughts and so on.

And then there is my overall favourite, my Thirty Years' War. I have developed this collection far more than the others, yet still have probably four more infantry regiments, a couple of horse regiments, some dragoons and other bits awaiting my attention. I still want some more command, horse and artillery!!!

Is this just some sort of megalomania? I doubt the figures will all be in use together more than a couple of times a year. What else do I really need?

So when does it stop?



More big bangs

I have long wanted some more artillery for my Thirty Years' War collection, so took the opportunity to buy a few more bits at the Phalanx show back in June from those good fellows at 1st Corps/ Curtey's. I finally got round to painting them a couple of months back, ready for a game at Stafford Games on their "Games Day" (Sept 23rd). That is their only outing to date, but there will be more.

Saker with mixed 1st Corps and Redoubt crew

Light gun with 1st Corps crew

The other light gun with more 1st Corps crew
The 1st Corps figures are slightly smaller than my usual ones from likes of Renegade, Redoubt, Bicorne etc, but will mix if done so carefully.


Saturday, 27 October 2012


Hi all,

My painting exploits seem to have slowed considerably as work and seasons take hold (terrible light, you know, even in a south-facing conservatory), but trying to get the odd game in......

.....and, talking of odd games, I present for your delight and delectation the alternate world that is "Malifaux".

Played my first ever game last Thursday night against a fellow newbie. What did I like?

  1. The variety provided by the card-driven system, cards covering almost all actions within the game, allowing for 54 options (two jokers included).
  2. The simplicity of the basic rules, which play very smoothly, but have the capacity for a long time mastering....
  3. The figures, which are very good, though a tad pricey.
  4. The sheer variety of figures available, with numerous options within each of the five basic "crew" options.
  5. As a skirmish game, I do not need much to start.
  6. The choices you get to make throughout each turn of the game - play cards, use magic, enter combat, who to attack, what special rules to use, what combos are best suited, etc etc etc.
  7. Each game provides primary and secondary objectives for each player, so it is not just a killfest. Whilst I play points games, I greatly prefer scenario-driven ones and would choose these every time given the chance.

And what did I not like (or like less)?

  1. The simplicity of the basic rules is fine, but the numerous special rules each character carries look like a potential minefield. (I have taken to down-tooling my Warhammer and 40K armies as I can rarely remember special rules.....)
  2. The apparent lack of a creation system for my own characters. It seems to be use the "crews" provided or don't play.
  3. The aforementioned cost of the figures. Not exactly major East Mids manufacturer, but...
  4. I doubt I will ever play enough to master this game, or even get any good at it.
  5. Some "crews" appear to be much tougher than others, so the points costs are perhaps a bit askew.
  6. Each player has a "Crew". Warband maybe, or a squad, a posse, a group, a band, a family even, but not a "crew". There is not even a boat in the game from what I have seen. (Yeah, I know, call me "petty" if you like...)
I would still say 7.5 out of 10 on first view however.

Will I be buying into this game?

With a rulebook and two "crews" under my belt already, you bet!!!

I shall revisit this and get some figures painted.


Monday, 1 October 2012

More chiefs

As I posted a couple of days ago, I have not done much other than Frances for the past few weeks, but two of my projects of that time are presented here, Messrs Tilly and Saxe-Weimar.

As I try out a few more games of "Pike & Shotte" (I played my third on 23rd September), I was keen to get a few more brigadier options under my belt. For the uninitiated, regiments under those rules are placed into brigades or "battalia", each with its own commander, with a C-in-C overall.

I have had Oliver Cromwell (sorry, Saxe-Weimar) for a while, but bought Tilly at the Phalanx show in June (or possibly WMMMS in March......)

Both are now done, as you can see below.


Johann Tserclaes von Tilly, long time Imperialist commander. This is the Warlord Games figure. I love the religious symbolism built into him - the bible held aloft, the crucifix around his neck - every bit the champion of his faith until his death in 1632.

To add to the symbolism, I tried my hand at a small, rural shrine to adorn his base. The statue of the Virgin is a Heroics & Ros 1870 Prussian artilleryman, padded out with a little green stuff. I would have mounted it higher on a bigger plinth, but I felt it detracted from the figure and its purpose. So, small rural, wayside shrine it is.

This shot shows how tiny (too small probably) the finished article is when staged next to the Count.

Oliver Cromwell. Hmm, I mean, Bernard of Saxe-Weimar. This is again a Warlord figure, the sergeant a Renegade figure with a Redoubt head swap.

Facial close up.

Final shot, the sergeant calming the horse a little - I see them both in the thick of the action under a "hot fyre".