Sunday, 31 March 2013

Raising standards

To round off March and the first quarter of the year, I decided to fill in the gaps with a few standards. I still have varnishing and basing to do on all except the Clifford base that started all this off, but that will wait until I am in the mood - varnishing at least is very much one of my least favourite parts of painting figures, the worst being metal kits, then preparation and then probably undercoating and varnishing equal third worst!

All units in my 1314 project now have at least one standard/ banner and all have now featured on the blog, except for my Gloucester derivative, finished today, that adorns my unit of Welsh archers. That will feature in due course, probably after the aforementioned varnishing and basing.

I now feel I have Gloucester's command done. Two 12 figure knights/ men-at-arms units, the Cumbrian militia, Gascon crossbowmen and Welsh archers should be enough for the young Earl to misuse. I am currently part way through six knights for the Earl of Hereford which, when joined in the near future by another 12 sergeants/ men-at-arms, will complete both De Valence's and Hereford's cavalry units as originally planned. I still have just the one unit of Scots done, however, although they are at least stuck on their bases now!

I have also let my eight year old daughter loose on some plastic skeletons I have had lying around for many years. My cunning plan is to get her up to scratch and then let her loose on something I want to use!!! (Cue evil, despotic cackle......)

Enjoy the remainder of Easter!


Opening shot of the lesser men-at-arms and sergeants that will form the rear rank of "Gloucester's cavalry". I went for an oblong Hugh de Vere banner and a larger, square (cos he was more important) Ralph de Monthermer green eagle on gold.

The same bunch from a slightly different angle. The figures are again Fireforge except the rider with the De Monthermer banner, who is Black Tree I think. Note to self - tidy up the joins between the two plastic horse halves where necessary.

Gloucester's standard bearer, who has now joined the reckless/ hapless/ unfortunate (delete as appropriate) Earl on a sculpted 60mm diameter base, but still awaits the varnish and terrain treatment.


  1. Been having a browse and wow! You´ve got some lovely minis. Your Interpretation of De Vere adding the black trim, is great!!

  2. WOW!!
    And those standards! Love them!