Tuesday, 19 March 2013

WMMS Eulogy

Hello again.

The annual WMMS show (known as "Alumwell" to us ultra-conservative die hard old timers from when it was held at the Alumwell school.........) was held at the Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton on 10th March, so Nephew Nick, Nephew Paul, second daughter Bex and I went along.

Disappointment - I was keen to put on our latest TYW offering, but with just the three of us available for a game which can easily accommodate twice that number, saw us decide discretion was the order of the day.

Totes Amazeballs - we shopped!!!!!!

The Purchases:
For once in my life (at a show), I actually got what I wnet for and did not stray at all!!!!! After picking myself up from the floor after that revelation, I can announce that 1st Corps did rather well out of me as they had enough (Welsh) archers, ribauld-types, mounted and foot command and other types in their Feudal range to fill out some big gaps in my 1314 project.

Magnetic Displays also relieved me of some hard-earned by offering me the usual sheets and bases, but also some cork bark - those rugged Scottish hills will not model themselves.

4Ground were relieved of some of their pre-painted medieval dwellings/ hovels/ shacks/ other, which I will paint anyway.

Redoubt sold me some highlanders, without muskets, as they too are for the 1314 project.

I bought the army books for Hail Caesar and some more TYW command.

This must be about the only time I did not buy anything from Caliver.....

I believe there were about 50 of all sorts, offering a great (IMO) selection of bits, pieces, odds, ends, collectables and other paraphernalia. I got what I went for, so 9 out of 10. It would have been nice to see a couple more major players there (no Gripping Beast, Old Glory, Essex, for example), but it is a jaunt for at least two of these companies.

Disappointment part 2. Now, I have every respect for those who want to go out and do something at a show, even when 90% speak to no one, but the visuals on display were down on previous years in terms of quality. I saw nothing that gave me any sort of "Wow!"

I would like to make a special mention to several of the participation gamers around however. Peter Pig was doing his best to offload some Square Bashing rules with his game of the same, there was some Dystopian Wars action (the naval stuff), but top kudos points go to......

I do not know who they were in truth, but their presentation of the "all-new) Wings of War game, neatly laid out on some very nice playmats depicting the green fields below, was very neat. They also spent time engaging people, explaining what was going on, etc. I have seceral of these miniatiures and invested in the game a few years back, so enjoyed the upgrade.

Traders good, demoes poor, participations good and we even managed to get parked relatively easily as the venue was not double-booked with various healthy, sporty types. 7/ 10.

See you there next year.


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