Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Bruce

With just seven weeks left until the planned first outing, I felt it high time the Scots had some commanders to lead them against the might of England.

Thus, enter one Robert de Bruice, his brother Edward and his stalwart supporter, Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, along with a few hangers on. The figures shown are all 1st Corps, except for Moray, who is Black Tree I think, and probably more Otterburn than Bannockburn, but I had the figure available and so used it. All three personalities were present and had commands at Bannockburn, however, hence my choice to paint them.

I have made the standards but not yet painted them, so will show these when all is done. Just some Highlanders (undercoated and ready to go), Islesmen (probably conversions from Fireforge and Gripping Beast plastics when I get round to them), Angus Og MacDonald to lead the hairy contingent and a host of supernumaries for vignettes to paint, including a Highland stag for some flavour!!! Then the varnishing and basing.......

I am confident all will be ready. What else I decide to do after the first outing will depend on that first outing. I have absolutely no idea how many points of troops (sic) I have for either side, having just painted up what I think are representative troops formed into representative units. Will the game be balanced? Do I even care so long as it looks OK and we present it to the paying public as best we can? No, I don't. To the victor the spoils and all that.


Robert himself, presumably before he broke his axe when cleaving the skull of the hapless Henry de Bohun on the first day of Bannockburn.

And again.

The intended English view of Robert (so long as I am playing the English when the toys come out to play, of course!)

The trumpeter has the arms of Annandale, of which Bruce was lord, on his caparison and shield.

Alexander Scrymgeour, who was apparently Bruce's standard bearer at Bannockburn. The arms are apparently those of the modern Scrymgeours (Earls of Dundee, no less). I would be keen to discover if they carried these arms in 1314, but I will not be repainting either way!!!

Gold lion rampant armed and langued blue, holding a gold-hilted white scimitar overhead - whatever that is in herald-speak.

Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray. As stated above, perhaps a bit too modern for 1314.

And again.

I do not care if I never see another "florry counter-florry" border again after tackling both Moray and Bruce, but I guess they still both need their standards......

Edward Bruce and his nice, easy heraldry. If I can rustle up the time and effort, I may do a Faughart game in 2018 to represent the 700th anniversary of his death at that battle against the Anglo-Irish.

Axes are obviously very popular amongst the Bruces.

Another nice view for the English.


  1. Bloody lovely! Alexander Scrymgeour was indeed the Standard bearer for bruce on the day. I don´t blame you for not wanting to see another florry counter-florry border again, I´m not looking Forward to trying to paint them at all.

  2. Fantastic paintjobs. After my own attempts I can now understand why people are reluctant to attempt medieval figures but when you get results like this - well worth the effort. Top notch stuff.


  3. Thanks for the wonderful comments fellas. All feedback is appreciated.