Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Bruces plus one

Just a quick post to show that I have finally taken enough Dutch courage to do some more "florry counter-florry" in order to finish painting my Scottish command elements (the non-hairy bits anyway).

The Islesmen are now about half way to completion, then it will be a mad month of varnishing and basing, plus as many odd bits as I can muster before the first outing.


Robert the Bruce, in case you did not know. The hairy lumps are painted coir doormat to represent some wild grasses on the moorland of somewhere in Scotland.

A detail of that heinous "florry counter-florry border". Heraldry can be a crime against painters! Now I reckon I know why Chaucer had it in for the "knight" character, making him anything but chivalrous. He must have had to paint some hell-spawned heraldry at some point...

And baby makes three...

Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, and some more (the last!!!) of that florry counter-florry.

And again.

This element is a mix of Black Tree (Randolph) and Fireforge figures.

Edward Bruce.

The snot is a spare lump of Green Stuff from doing my Islesmen conversions, which will be painted as a rock.

Another mixed bag of figures, this time 1st Corps (Edward) and Fireforge.


  1. Great looking command groups. I'm going to check my reference books to see if there are any more florry counter-florry designs I can recommend for this game ;)


  2. Fantastic paintjob, I love the first stand, colors are just wonderful!

  3. Lovely!!! You must have a steady Hand! I also like the idea for the "wee folk". I was going to go for "they looked a lot like the rest of the troops " look but I prefer the shaggy "Tartan" look like you´ve done.

  4. Stunning brushwork on the heraldry!