Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What a month!!!

Just a quick post to let people know I am still alive and kicking.....

But what a month!

After a frantic four weeks finishing Islesmen and others, varnishing 36 whole units (counting each command element as a single unit and my casualties also), then basing the whole collection, making up and altering a few 4Ground buildings and other bits and generally making everything ready for the first outing of "The Battle of Kirkburn Bridge, c. 1314", we finally had that first outing last Sunday, 1st December, at the Wargamer show in Great Barr, Birmingham.

I took a load of photos, but the lighting is not that good at the venue, so I will have to sift through for any half decent ones to post.

I bought a load of stuff - "The Baron' War, 1264 - 7" from Lance & Longbow; some more Fireforge boxed sets to fill out my English and Scots ready for the next outing; the "mega wargames" book from Wargames Illustrated; the Wargamers' Annual for 2014.

I managed to resist Colonel Bill and especially the "Samurai" houses range and the Foundry medievals he also had.

I managed to resist the Judge Dredd boxed game Warlord had on sale...

I played English for our first game and we won, despite my best efforts to get Gloucester killed, which I failed to do!!!

I played Scots for our second game and won again.

2-0 to me and my allies and yah boo to the rest!!!

Loads of very favourable comments received so thanks to all who took the time to come and see us.

Now to tidy the conservatory/ dining room ready for Christmas.


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