Saturday, 7 December 2013

Kirkburn Bridge c1314 - Wargamer Show, 01/12/13

Hi all.

Some very yellow pictures for you of last weekend's inaugural outing for Kirkburn Bridge - the lighting is terrible at the venue unfortunately. It was often an afterthought to take a picture or two, so busy were we fielding comments, questions and actually playing the game!!! Thanks to all those who took the time to come and see our little offering. We hope you enjoyed what you saw and heard and that we will see you again soon at another show.

The photos at least show that I do occasionally finish figure bases and I even steered away from my usual protective gloss varnish, to good effect I feel. Now, I must invest in another pot of Basetex, some more tufts and static grass before the next scenic session...


Terrible photo, with The Last Valley's sundry boxes in the background, but this was the only shot I got of the sole Scots cavalry unit, Douglas/ Keith.

Quite why Paul deployed them like Napoleonic cavalry is beyond me, but these Scottish spearmen do look good en masse.

The first of the Hairies (with dog). The Sean Pertwee film "Dog Soldiers" is set in Scotland, but the mastiff in this unit is entirely coincidental.

Robert the Bruce chivvying along some peasants.

Gloucester's command ford one of the rivers, headed by his Welsh archers and skirmishers.

But his knights, frustrated by the congestion ahead, turn right along the river bank to find room for some devastating lance action. 

Shropshire spearmen and Hereford.

A very jaundiced view of Hereford's attempt to get his knights across the other river.

The Islesmen and Cressingham's clash, victory going to the Hebrideans after a stern fight. However, subsequently pinned to their flank by the Welsh skirmishers, they fell prey to a shattering charge from Clifford's cavalry who were bringing up the rear of Gloucester's column.

The Highlanders smash into Gloucester's Welsh archers, whose arrows fail to stop them. The results were predictable and the Welsh fled the field. The Scottish centre is in the background as it moves forward to confront Hereford's command.

Clifford' retinue, fresh from slaughtering Islesmen, charges headlong into some Ettrick archers and promptly smashes them too.

De Monthermer's knights from Gloucester's command finally come to blows, but the Highlanders hold.

The Scots centre is in trouble, with open flanks and roaming English knights.

Edward Bruce tries to shore up the Scottish centre and launch the Mar/ Fife spearmen back into the fray......

.....where Hereford's fresh units of foot and cavalry await.

Pembroke's command formed the right of the English forces, trying also to cross the river to confront Moray's command.

Moray's command lie in wait on the Scottish left. (I am not sure if that crack is an earthquake caused by the thundering English knights, a ditch dug for their own protection by the Scots or someone leaning on the boards...)