Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kirkburn Bridge at WMMS, 9th March, 2014

Hi all.

Two posts in two days!!! Things are looking up on the computer availability front!

Pretty much as many pics as I took of the Wyrley Retinue game at the WMMS show last weekend. In between talking, playing, shopping, eating. drinking and generally having a great day out, I probably missed loads of cool picture opportunities, but here i what I do have, warts, dodgy photography and all!!!

We hope to be at Phalanx at St Helen in June if they will have us. Come and say "Hello!" if you can.

Two shots of the table, the Kirkburn itself in the foreground, Hereford crossing via the marshy ground to the left of shot and Gloucester over THE Kirkburn Bridge. Pembroke and Edward are top left and the Scots in an arc top right. My attempt at a backscene top of picture. The whole set up was 10 feet by 6 for this outing.

Moray's command formed the Scottish right, under the guidance of Nephew Paul. The flags of Sutherland, Stewart, Atholl, Moray, Caithness, Ross, Keith, Douglas, the "auld blue blanket" and Randolph, Earl of Moray himself are all visible. It seemed a tactical error to set up in a big column, but, as the game went on, Paul was able to feed in fresh units as the first line was beaten to hold and then beat Pembroke's command.

McDonald held the Scots centre and Carrick the left. Robert Bruce shadows his brother's command on the rise at the back.

Gloucester's troops advance on the English right, eager to come to blows with Carrick (until the dreaded command dice rolls came through!). My brother, Kev, a very infrequent wargamer, did us the honour of commanding Gloucester's troops for the day. We scions of the fair city of Glevum stand together against those northern rebels!

Hereford' command had furthest to go to reach the Scots, so their command rolls were crucial. They never made it into combat........

Pembroke's advance across the far loop of the Kirk Burn went well initially, but then those command rolls came into play again...

Angus Og McDonald's hairies, with Highlanders backed by Islesmen and flanked by rabble archers, the man himself at the back. These fellows played to form and went hell for leather at Pembroke's command.

The Scots left shakes out into line to face Gloucester and Hereford.

A brutak encounter between the Royal Spearmen and the Highlanders was going the way of the hairies until Pembroke launched his knights in to support along with his archers and himself. Though the spearmen were disordered, the hairies could not stand against such numbers and were beaten, but the damage to the Royal Spearmen was irrevocable and crucial to the later stages of the game.

The Gascon crossbowmen did a sterling job of holding the Scottish spears at bay whilst Percy's retinue lined up for a charge and the rest of the command took on McDonald.

Keith and Douglas were keen to enter the fray, but had to wait their chance as the Scottish foot slogged it out.

The kirk of Kirkburn Bridge. I scratch built this one from card, foam board and scribed tile grout for the stonework. I do not normally like making buildings or kits, but enjoyed this little project immensely. The looters and civilians are Foundry figures.

The Scottish left in place quietly waiting for the onslaught of Gloucester and Hereford.

The Scots had flank charged Pembroke's archers, who gamely held, but their own flank was too tempting for Percy, who promptly smashed it and them! Even Edward wanted a go!!! The battle on this wing was very finely balanced.

Gloucester's cavalry is finally ready to get stuck in.

Cressingham gets there first though, but is beaten by the Scottish peasant unit standing uphill to receive their charge across the small stream. Even Gloucester could not sway this fight towards the English.

Just a quick shot of the hall as we went up to eat.

Double prizes!!! As you can probably see, we came away with 3rd Place Display Game and Best Painted Army trophies!!!

Ross and Caithness advance into the ebb and flow of battle with Pembroke' command.
And that is it. Pembroke's command finally broke when the Islesmen, led by McDonald, firstly hit Percy stationary and broke his cavalry and then launched into the flank of the Gascons, breaking them too. Crucially, the Royal Spearmen were unable to charge the flank of the Islesmen first because they failed a command roll!!! Edward was captured so England will be held to ransom for many a generation to come!!! We grudgingly gave the fight to the Scots and headed for Berwick.........but revenge will be sweet. A great day out and a great game had by all.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to come and say "Hello!" It was great to meet Ubique Matt and others who have shown interest in what we are trying to do. Thanks for all the kind comments and feedback.

For those who did not figure it out, the name "Kirkburn Bridge simply derives from the tail elements of Falkirk, Bannockburn and Stirling Bridge. We tried to include elements of each battle, as well as of the wider flavour of Anglo-Scots warfare at this time.



  1. Thanks for posting. Enjoyed seeing your game at the show.

    Cheers, Keith.

  2. I wouldn't head for Berwick, after this it will be Scottish (again) ;-) Lovely figures, looked like a great game.

  3. Thanks fellas. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Sorry for the late comment, but just found it and must say your figures and game are truly superb! Best, Dean