Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Has It Really Been Three Months???

Yes it has indeed!!!

A combination of dodgy computers, limited time and workload has rendered the blog a long way down the "to do" list, but I have not been entirely idle. After our outing with Kirkburn Bridge in December, I have managed one whole game of AK47 Republic but did manage to complete four more units, not to mention some civilians and some terrain upgrades, including a church (for the "Kirk" in Kirkburn) and a backscene.

Well, WMMS is now two days ago and a jolly good time was had by the team. We took photos aplenty which will be posted soon, but first, some overdue shots of some of the newer stuff.

I had to borrow a laptop to even post this, but hope to get up and running soon.....


Percy's Retinue - Andrew de Astley far left, the Henry de Percy, William de Grandison, Robert Tregoz, Hugh le Despencer and John de Hastings. The far corner is William Vavassour and the "argent two chevrons gules" is Ralph Grendon.

Astley, Percy and de Grandison in close up.

And ditto for Tregoz, Despencer and Hastings.

Another couple of my calico standards/ banners.

Percy's standard in close up.

As usual, the figures are Fireforge plastic Teutonic Knights and Mounted Sergeants.

Smile Sir Hugh....

And another unit of Scottish spearmen, Annandale/ De La Haye. These are also converted from Fireforge plastics, but with two Old Glory dismounted knights in the front rank. 

The English nobility's view of the opposition.

The Annandale flag to the fore, with De La Haye behind.


  1. Great stuff indeed!!

    Love 'em mate.


  2. Wow, those units looks great.

  3. Look even better in real life. Lovely paintjobs.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Always good to hear from you.


  5. Stunning painting and we admired the figures and table at the show:).