Thursday, 31 July 2014

Busy with the plastic

Hot on the heels of the horseflesh come yet more of my attempts to do something a little different, with yet more conversions.

As before, these sniper-types are based on Perry Mahdists from the boxed set of that ilk. I have little or no interest in the Sudan Wars, but was readily gripped by the opportunity I thought these figures could present to assist with this very project. However, the rifles contained in the box are very obviously NOT Renaissance, but Remingtons or similar, no doubt taken from some unsuspecting Egyptian infantryman before the Gordon Relief Expedition or something.

So, where to source something approaching a suitable firearm?

Cue the Warlord Firelock Musketeers...

Overlooking the obviously incorrect mechanism, which I could have rectified with a length of wire or cotton, what I was after was a long firearm and that is exactly what I got! Not only that, but the firelocks had the advantage of having the arms attached, so I did not have to carve other arms to suit. The addition of powder horns from small lengths of curved plastic, bags and pouches from Wargames Factory WoSS figures and similar sets and straps from greenstuff finished the basic figure to my satisfaction.

I based them on round bases as I wanted skirmishing, sniper types, not figures to stand in units at a later date, and they can also match up with my existing Arabian pirate figures who are also on round bases.

And that is basically that!


The entire 11 figures I made to fulfil the sniper remit.

The long firearms shown to effect (albeit firelocks rather than matchlocks).

A close up of one of the scratchbuilt powder horns. Very technical!

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