Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Not just infantry

The town of Mdina, in Malta's interior, was entirely unmolested by the Turks during the Great Siege of 1565, so much so that the garrison there went about their business pretty much as they pleased whilst the Turks busied themselves against first Fort St Elmo and then Birgu and Senglea.

This major error was brought to light when the Turks, finally making some headway in yet another assault on the Christian defences, made a hasty retreat when cavalry from Mdina attacked the Turkish camp. So, the Christians had cavalry and we had to follow suit!

A unit of six figures is not really a unit to the purist, perhaps, but does constitue a unit of regular cavalry (or two elite ones!) under the "Donnybrook" rules we may use for our demo game, with suitable modifications. The figures are Border Reivers I bought many years ago from a Partizan show and dug out of the lead mountain when I started this project. When they have finished in Malta, they may take up sheep rustling at a croft near you, alongside some of their erstwhile/ future Maltese colleagues on foot. At least half of these cavalry figures are Vendel, but I cannot remember where I sourced the others from...


The Armstrongs, sorry, Armigeri, in all their finery

The boss. I can also see him and his colleagues chasing Kern around some bog in deepest Ireland at some point


  1. They look great!

    You aren't by any chance a member of the Durham Club? The reason I ask is that some of our members have been playing around with the Jim Bowen mini's last week and I fancied but of Reiving myself!


    1. No Darrell. I am firmly ensconced in the Shire of Stafford!
      Thanks as always for the great feedback fellas.