Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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Hello again.

The next Wyrley Retinue game on the show circuit, as many of you will know, is to be based loosely (very, very loosely!) on the Siege of Malta in 1565. I have posted numerous pictures of North Africans, Turks and various Christian types, but the game is supposed to be a siege, so I got to thinking about a few specialist types who could get involved.

I did a few conversions a while back with fire pots to throw at an unsuspecting enemy, but how were the Turks supposed to get over/ under/ through any stout, city walls???

Cue the find in a dark cupboard in my house of an old pirate ship toy. Now, first thoughts went towards deciding if I could nab the hull for a galley, but the length vs width was way out for a sleek Mediterranean galley. Access to the crow's nest, however, was via some plastic lattice assemblies, which, at six inches high, were high enough to reach the top of our planned town walls. The angle of assault might be a tad sharp against the required minimum 30 degrees, but I did not expect a visit from the Health and Safety Taliban. If they did visit, however, I am sure they would be more interested in the multitude of sharp objects, trip hazards and general attempts to maim and kill than the exact angle at which a ladder was leaning against a wall.

But you never know...

Further thoughts have stretched to some Turkish musician vignettes, perhaps a torture scene similar to the flaying of the Governor of Famagusta or Heraklion, some captives being led off to the galley oars, a line of citizens with buckets trying to douse a fire, some unfortunate caught in a fire hoop, etc.

Firstly, however, here are the "Ladder Bearers" (sort of like Persian Applebearers from the time of the Achaemenid Dynasty, only less glamorous, less well-known and definitely NOT Immortal {geddit?})


Gripping Beast Arabs with cheap toy ladders. Job done (apart from painting...)

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