Sunday, 5 October 2014

The guys with the ladders

October already???

Less than a couple of months to get the Malta project "finished"...

So here are the (almost) finished shots of the Saracen Home Improvements Ltd team I previewed last time. Just the usual basing to go to properly finish these off, but, as regular readers may know, I tend to leave this till last on any project so I can maintain consistency of colour and finish.

Like a Formula 1 pit crew, I gather these guys have been working out and practising hard for their role in the forthcoming game. Noises from the Man Cave (aka the family conservatory) in the dead of night can mean only this.....or my Border Collie is dreaming rather vigorously again. Do dogs have nightmares???


In case you missed the original post, these are Gripping Beast plastic Arabs holding ladders cut from the rigging of a cheap pirate ship toy.

I have tried to do a "new wood" look to the ladders. Most of the time, siege equipment was made in situ although with the general lack of trees on Malta, I suspect these would have been made from spare ships.

Not having tried it for myself, I wonder how difficult it is to carry both a large ladder and a spear, but these men are obviously made of stronger stuff than I.

I am always a little shy of painting patterns on clothing, as I feel they usually look scruffy and out of kilter, but I think I am getting better at it with practice. I might get quite good in a decade or so...

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