Monday, 17 November 2014

Wargamer Show, 30th November

Hello again.

I have been busy,busy,busy with the finishing touches for the inaugural outing of our Siege of Malta-inspired game ready for the Wargamer Show to be held at Leasowes Sports Centre, Leasowes High School, Halesowen, B62 8PJ. Note the change of venue!

I still have loads to do - I am part way through building a Renaissance galley, have only undercoated the two boats I want to finish, have only undercoated the sailing ship I want to finish, still have the ladders to paint and stick on my siege tower, etc, but their is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!!!

I have painted all the figures I wanted to do (except Jean Parisot de a Valette, who is, yes, you've guessed it, undercoated!), have varnished them and textured the bases, and am half way through the base dark wash and then set to move onto the drybrushing and grass/ tuft/ foliage application. That is well over 300 figures "done" in about nine months, not to mention an Ottoman army for "By Fire & Sword", so I am quite pleased with that.

Anyway, we have not played the game yet, I have not seen the terrain (being built by Nephews Nick and Paul - it had better be up to scratch fellas, not to mention finished...) and we do not have an official title for our outing, but I am going with "Mayhem in the Med., c.1565" until something better presents itself.......

........who said we are courting trouble?

Anyway, it you are anywhere near Central England, specifcally Halesowen, on 30th November, do come along, spend some money, enjoy a few hours of wargaming atmosphere and banter and, above all, say "Hello!" to our little band. We will be the stressed-looking ones trying to work out why we did not work any of the issues out earlier!


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