Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Final reinforcements

Somewhat out of sequence, I present for your viewing a few shots of what will probably be the last figures I will paint for the Wyrley Retinue "Mayhem in the Med, c1565" game. These were finished in the week running up to the show.

I want to move on to pastures new now, though, so. like I said, these will be the last for "Malta".

I do have vague plans to boost the forces though. The Turks are quite easy, as after adding cavalry and artillery, along with some more infantry and bespoke command, they will do for a couple of hundred years and numerous opponents. The problem is which opponent I want to build to go with them...

Hungarians for Mohacs? Imperialists for "The Long War"? Poles? Imperialists for Vienna (1529 or 1683)? Imperialists for Peterwardein and Eugene Of Savoy?

The Christians are a little trickier. Spanish and Dutch? English in Ireland? French Wars of Religion? I certainly like the look of the last two...A few more cavalry and I already have Border Reivers!

So, what crop will those new pastures deliver first? Hmmmm.


More Old Glory Sword and buckler/ target men. A mix of Spanish, French and "unmarked" probably hints that I should build them into a French Wars of Religion set up...
A close up of the rear rank from the above photo.

Some Vendel arquebusiers.

The religious contingent. Brother Inebriatus, Brother Leelove, the priest I painted up as a sample Arthurian character a few years back and have finally based, Brother Spock and Brother Gluttonus with unfeasibly large left hand. The priest is from West Wind, the monks from Foundry.

Some Gripping Beast Arabs, from the plastic set. Half the bows in my box were broken, so I built them like this. When I had finished, I kicked myself for not doing a simple hand-swap conversion for some variety!!! D'oh! They did prove to be demon shots at WMMS though, killing four tower guards with their first volley regardless of the hard cover provided by the tower walls!

And Gripping Beast Arabs built as spearmen, from the same plastic set as the archers above.

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