Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Two Towers (part 3 of 3)

At last, after the various work in progress shots of the revamp of the two towers that control the harbour entrance on our "Mayhem in the Med. c.1565" demo game boards, I can finally show you the finished articles.

(Though you will have to wait until I take some photos at Sunday's WMMS in Wolverhampton to see them in situ for "the full effect").

Now fully painted, fully detailed (as much as I am detailing them, at any rate) and ready to go, I hope you like them.


All done. Walls painted first with Wilko "Nutmeg Spice", followed by a heavy drybrush of Wilko "Chocolate Dream" and a final, lighter drybrush of Homebase "Sandstone" masonry paint to give a nice, warm, Mediterranean stone colour. The original doors have been repainted to show more weathered wood and the metalwork toned down with some mild rust effect courtesy of GW "Seraphim Sepia" wash. The windows are progressively lighter shades of GW blues to try and give a jewel effect on a supposedly flat pane of glass.

The devil is in the detail, so cue some hinges for the trapdoors. I could not be bothered to build hinges from plastic rod and thin plastic, so just painted them on, but I doubt most people will even notice the hinges in the first place!

And the gulls have been busy! Not to mention various generations of toilet-trained soldiery throwing their waste out via the garderobe...A bit more weathering would not have gone amiss, but I am happy with the overall look of the two of them, so that seems like a good place to end this particular mini-project.


  1. They've come along really nicely- bet you're pleased with the results?


  2. Very nice detailing, makes all the difference. Looking forward to seeing the set up on Sunday (I make a note of trying to spot the hinges).

  3. Darrell - they will do for now!
    Matt - thanks, but they will probably be covered by figures, unless the Turks actually get their act together this time and storm the tower rather more quickly than when we last played this!