Friday, 3 April 2015

Crud 4 - The Lowly Levies

At last, I can present for your amusement/ pleasure/ critique/ disinterest/ other (delete as appropriate) the figures that prompted the whole "Crud" theme in the first place.

When starting out with a SAGA warband or two the middle of last December, I chose Vikings simply because I already had some Gripping Beast plastic Hirdmen figures available to build after using this particular boxed set as a source of parts for Islesmen for my 1314/ Malleus Scottorum project.

But no, being me, I did not want to paint my Jarl or Hirdmen, I had to start with the rubbish I tend to steer towards. So, here are those self-same Thralls that started the whole thing, 12 levy slingers made from parts available in the Gripping Beast "Dark Age Warriors" boxed set. I would have preferred archers, but you do not get the parts for them in this set, so slingers it had to be. They fit the bill very nicely for SAGA, however, and will get some trial outings at the very least.

The first games are set for this Sunday. Having played just two games so far this year, I hope to get at least a couple in this Easter weekend. Both of my 4-point Viking forces are now finished, so I will post some more photos soon, I have started on more stuff for this basic project, we have a campaign in the offing and it's all good!

I might even remember to take a few photos of the games in action to log my experiences and these Thralls might even hit something!!!

Sunday could be a lot of fun.


The complete unit, ready to run at the first sign of trouble as all good levies should.

I tried to give them an earthy feel to represent better their lowly status. Bright colours and washing facilities were out, but this guy at least got a bit of hem decoration on his tunic.

And this one can stretch to a knife and pouch for whatever pass for his personal effects. The beauty of plastic figure kits is their ability to be customised to suit, the variety they afford from a few simple parts, their potential for conversion and the extra bits you seem to get in all these kits, to enable the addition of details such as the pouch and dagger.


  1. Beautiful minis, well done!

    1. Thanks Phil. I just hope they can hit the proverbial barn door when they take the field this Sunday!