Sunday, 5 April 2015

Howdy Jarl!

Sorry, but I could not resist.

(No, I have not gone all ACW on you. As a period, I remain unconvinced by it, as all I see, no doubt far too simplistically, is lines of basically identical troops standing firing at each other...Complaints to the usual address).

No, here are the two warlords I built for my Vikings, namely Harald Ravenmane and Erik Stormbrow.

Both are built from parts from the Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen boxed set, Harald's axe being converted by the simple expedient of lengthening the shift of a normal hand axe with a length of plastic rod to make a two-handed version. Both are mounted on 30mm diameter metal washers to make them stand out a bit from the rest of the troops.

Somewhat surprisingly, the SAGA Viking warband is not allowed Dane Axes, unlike the Anglo-Danes and Norse-Gael, so this axe is somewhat anachronistic in game terms, but I like it so it stays. (Until I break the end off inadvertently with some rough handling at any rate...)


Erik Stormbrow. Many of the plastic shields I have used I distressed beforehand with a craft knife and cutters to show some usage. The sword looks enormous ion this view, but it is normal size! Most of my Vikings also have patterned clothing in some form and Erik is no exception with his striped trousers and patterned tunic hem.

Harald Ravenmane, showing the elongated axe haft.

A close up of Harald's shield, the only one I have done so far with any sort of fauna depicted upon it. Once again, I have done striped trousers and a patterned tunic hem.


  1. Great job, love this shield too!

  2. Thanks for the positive comments fellas. Every bit helps with the motivation.