Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Brian O'Brian

The SAGA saga continues at pace, even though the Vikings are "finished", with a couple more planned warbands.

My theme is Dark Age Ireland, as natives and Norsemen vie for control of that fractured land.

So, what better way to continue than with those self-same natives, starting with their leader?

This figure is another of unknown provenance that I picked up for 50p from the secondhand tray at Stafford Games. I think he is another Ancient German figure in reality, maker unknown, just as with the Irish standard bearer I posted a month or so ago.

But again, reading references in various sources to shields decorated with metal fittings and so forth when describing Irish heroes, I thought the shield at least fitted the bill. The shaggy mop of hair, part braided, also called out "Irish" to me, his clothing was pretty non-descript, but well-appointed,  and the open hand was ripe for a sword from the spares box. The fur waistcoat he sports I imagine originated with his favourite wolfhound...

So, first of the Irish in both post and status terms, I give you Brian O'Brian.

The name is in honour of my late, much-missed father who was neither Irish, nor red-haired, nor a warlord nor even wore red that I recall. His name was "Brian" however and his sense of honour, his courage and his whole being were a fine example of what a truly wonderful man is.


The shield...

A side view showing my slightly clumsy attempts to upgrade his tunic to the sort of decorated example a leader of the time would have worn.

The "wolfhound waistcoat".

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  1. Nice tribute. Lovely detailing on the tunic.