Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Cattle Raid of Wyrley

Hot on the heels of Brian O'Brian come some of his lesser followers, the sort of hangers on who follow any crowd.

These Bonnachts/ Ceithern/ simple peasants might not have the flash clothing of their social betters, all in bright colours and all, but they know a good craic when they see one!

So, 24 of Ireland's finest (...), or three units of warriors in SAGA terms, all javelin-throwing menace and peat beneath the fingernails, as they seek to either ally with the Viking invaders for their own ends or throw them back in the Dubh Linn (or something like that...).

All of these figures are Crusader Miniatures bought from Dave Thomas' stand at WMMS, proof again (???) that I am slowly mining the lead mountain to the point of financial ruin and ultimate quarry closure. Maybe not.

I do know I had a great time re-reading my WAB supplements whilst completing this though. WAB is dead. Long live WAB!


Photographed outside on  a very sunny day, these guys must think they have left Ireland and gone elsewhere. Sun? Ireland? Two words you do not tend to put together when considering the Emerald Isle. I have been there several times and have probably had one good weather day in fifty!
Simple colours say all the sources, mainly white, yellow and black for the poorest. But these are not quite the poorest so get an upgrade or two!

I have done the shields mainly black, with or without a simple design, to tie the whole 24 figures together as a homogenous whole.

As I said above, these are not quite the poorest of the lot in financial terms, so in crept my desire for some colour and a few patterns in their clothing. Don't you just love cloaks???

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  1. Very nice painting on those cloaks, you can't beat a bit of tartan.