Saturday, 28 May 2016

Not done yet....

With 28mm that is.

The last time I posted, I mentioned my proposed move away from 28mm on mainly cost, space and time grounds, but I still have so many 28mm figures in the lead and plastic mountain and I have no intention of disposing of them. I just have no intention of adding too many more...(maybe...)

I have promised myself some games of "Muskets & Tomahawks" since the rules first came out and have failed dismally to get anything done! There has always been something else in the way and, in truth, there still is, but I do have a sort of plan to get this completed to basic game level by the end of this year.

I have enough figures for something rather bigger than a basic game, in truth, but I am trying to keep things realistic! Looking at what I do have, for example, I reckon I could cover a force of French regulars, French irregulars, British regulars and Indians and have enough Indians spare to add a cadre of allies to the two European forces. Apart from specific terrain, the only thing I do not seem to have acquired over the past few years is some rangers.

So, here we are, in the flesh (quite literally!), are the first few figures for the French & Indian Wars, in the form of a half dozen Woodland Indians.

Purists will no doubt claim (undoubtedly with some accuracy and authority) that I have mixed different tribes together based on the figures' hair styles or equipment or something, and this would usually bother me as I can be anal about such accuracies (don't get me started on the use of a 1930's steam locomotive in a Sherlock Holmes story on television, for example!!!), but this does not concern me in this case. I am either:

a) getting too old to care;
b) becoming uncommonly lax in my attitude to life and in dire need of beating myself with something vaguely whip-like, or;
c) realising that it does not really matter...

The figures are AW Miniatures I picked up last October at the Derby Show. I have another fifty-plus Indians to add to their numbers, including a Sachem or two, but I think some civilians and Coureurs de Bois are probably up next, some time, whenever...

These figures took an age to do, in that it took me 64 days just to paint them. It has taken another 30 or so to get around to finishing them. I put some serious thought into flesh tones especially, but also buckskin colour, having never painted anything of this ilk before. The sad thing is I did not write down the methods and colours I ultimately settled on, so it will be another 64 days' worth of experimentation when I get around to painting some more! I am happy with the finished result though.


The half dozen in their entirety.

Some shooty goodness.

Something a bit more traditional.

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