Saturday, 4 June 2016

Pure indulgence (again)...

Some time ago, I bought a copy of the "Normandy Firefight" ultra-low level skirmish rules for World War 2, written by Warwick Kinrade and published in 2012 by Artorus Games.

I had seen a magazine article about the rules, including a scenario involving about seven figures in total on bespoke terrain, and I loved my old Airfix 1/32nd scale figures when I was a child, probably more so than my far more numerous 1/72nd's. So, I bought a copy of the rules and it ended there.

Until this morning!

I was in a local model railway and radio-control model shop looking for some ballast to texture the new terrain boards I have started to make and what do I spy but a couple of boxes of 1/32nd scale, hard plastic, multi-pose figures! Six figures per box for £20 total and I was in!!!

I had thought of going large for future Napoleonic games, using Victrix 54mm figures and heading to the Peninsula for games, but could not find any during recent show visits and my magpie-mind has flown off into 10mm since then. I may well go there still...

The only thing that puts me off World War 2 in this large scale is vehicle availability, but I do not really need them for half a dozen figures a side. Making my own buildings and terrain is something I enjoy when the mood takes me, so we will see how far I get with this.

So much for starting to shy away from larger figures based on cost, storage and space grounds...

(But this can be played on 4ft square tables).


The rules that grabbed me a few years back...they include stats for various weapons, including Japanese Arisaka rifles etc, so there is no need to stay in Normandy.

The figures. And the bonus is that I get the paint, glue and brushes too! And there is a painting guide on the back of each box!!!


  1. This will be interesting to follow.

    1/35 meens it will be big. Neat

  2. I certainly hope it will be interesting, Engel. I am looking forward to getting to grips with building and painting things that are so much bigger than the things I am used to.