Saturday, 30 November 2019

The French in Ireland

Hello again.

Phew!!! I just about managed to get in a post before November is out as, yet again, the out of kilter work/ life balance, the poor light and life in general has slowed progress to a crawl. Never mind.

By a lucky coincidence, a chap named John asked a question on the French regiments in Ireland in and around 1690 on a Facebook group a few days ago and, as it was something I had delved into in some small way, I was able to help. I also informed John that I had finally finished a couple of regiments and said I would post a few pictures, so here we are. I believe the Facebook group was "Pike & Shotte Wargaming", aimed at the Warlord Games rules but far wider in scope and knowledge than a single rules set. So, for John, and hopefully a few others out there, here are some more figures it has taken me about seven years to varnish and base after initially painting them back around 2012.

The figures are again the old plastic Wargames Factory ones, with some conversion work, the flags hand painted onto calico following originals depicted in the excellent Mark Allen series on the French army of the time way back in the early 90's in "Wargames Illustrated" magazine. I believe these works have now also been collected in one of the "Century of the Soldier" works (from Helion, I think) covering the army of Louis XIV.

Will I be painting up more French?

Unlikely, in truth, because I want to concentrate on the Jacobite regiments and William's army to oppose them. Painting more French would, I think, steer me more towards the Marlburian War and thereby diminish any focus on this specific project, which is taking me forever anyway! I do fancy doing the Zurlauben Regiment though, if only to get some bluecoats on the field amid all the grey and red. The flags are pretty distinct too.

If you are in Birmingham, England, tomorrow, I am sure you can get a copy of this book and lose yourself a load more cash at the "Wargamer" show at the King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy. Sadly, I cannot make it, despite the best laid plans, so I will have to content myself with walking the dog, sorting stiff out and possibly, just possibly, getting a little painting done...



Regimental flag to the fore, Colonel's flag behind.


Regimental flag to the fore, Colonel's to the rear. Lots of puddles on bases - this is Ireland, you know!

Just an overhead shot to show my basing method, with these troops set to feature in games of "Beneath Lily Banners" ultimately. 50mm square bases with five or six infantry figures on them.

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