Sunday, 19 May 2013

Number 3 of 4

Continuing the Western theme that has diverted my attention away from my Bannockburn project these past few weeks, I present here the third of the gangs I have painted for "Dead Man's Hand", the Outlaws.

And I won't even quote Genesis lyrics whilst I introduce them (cheers at the back?).

Those of you who have followed my progress on the blog will know I tend to gloss varnish my figures, but I wanted a matt finish for these four gangs to emphasise the dusty, natural feel of their environment. I think I need a few more coats of matt, however, as it has not yet covered the gloss I used as a protection as a first coat!


The Gang of Seven known as ....... I will think of something, probably along the lines of "The Poor Shots", "The Die In Droves", "The Food For Crows" or similar.

Bossman Joe James - rancher, gunrunner, bank robber, extortionist and all round bad boy.

"Zouave Zeke", who still wears his red sash from his ACW days.

"Bad Boy" Billy Bones, the sartorially-challenged nephew of Boss Joe James.

"Hedgerow" Jim Harris, who will open the zoo that is his beard when his outlaw days are over.

Billy the Goat (he's too old to be a kid).

Mad John O'Hare was too naughty for his New York gangmates, so left to find employment somewhere his talents for torture. mayhem and mischief would be better valued.

The Man With No Soap.

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