Friday, 17 May 2013

Still diverted

"In the saloon one evening,
Big took a bet,
With a rancher, whose name I forget.
He wanted a herd taking over the plain
And he called Jim yellow
He'll never do that again.

Big got mad.
Big Jim got mad."

More Genesis lyrics as I wend my merry way further into" Dead Man's Hand" with some Lawmen, Marshal Cole S. Law and his men to be precise. As with the other three gangs released so far, this one too comes in a fat DVD-style box with some cover art showing the painted miniatures. Apart from the obligatory seven figures of whatever type you have chosen, you get seven pre-cut, round MDF bases (with free burnt wood smell.....), a special rules card for that gang and a bubble-wrap pouch holding the castings, which gives a worthy couple of minutes of frantic popping action before you get down to the nitty-gritty of examining your new figures.

Clean up was simple, though possibly a little worse than the best metal castings I have bought recently, poses are not too eccentric and anatomy, etc very passable.

"..the trouble didn't start until the men were in bed.
A-whooping and a-hollerin', and flashing their knives,
Big and his men were jumped by an all-star Indian tribe.

Big was scared.
Big Jim was scared."

I am now 90% of the way through the remaining two gangs, Outlaws and Cowboys, which I will post soon, and I should have a game under my belt in a week or so, which I will again post on. I hope it goes well after all my expectation.......

",,,but he died like all good cowboys,
With his boots on, next to his men.

Big Jim - he still won't lie down.
For him - the bet is still on.
Some say he rides there,
Cursing still.
Some say they've seem him."

("The Ballad of Big" from "And Then There Were Three" by Genesis, 1978).


Law's Posse.

"This is Marshal Law! This is Cole's law!" (To be spoken in a Sam Waterston style gruff, American accent)

Byron "Bear Cub" Smith

"Old Man" McGarry makes up for failing eyesight with a 12 gauge.....

Some say he's a Pinkerton. Some say he's just plain odd. But, like his brother Nathaniel, I sure hope he's deadly when he gets on the table for his first scenario! Meet Joshua Greene.

Everyone needs some artillery. William "Smiling Bill" Higgs provides some bang for Law's buck. 

Cole's cousin, Seville Law, helps his kin out in a fight.

Nathaniel Greene, possibly another Pinkerton...

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