Sunday, 19 May 2013

Last But Not Least (for the moment at least)

The final gang for your attention is the good old Cowboys, seven of the most saddle-sore, bow-legged, baked bean-eating horse fondlers this side of the Pacific.

I hope to have my first game of "Dead Man's Hand" this coming Thursday so, given my usual memory loss when it comes to remembering rules, I had better give the rulebook another couple of read-throughs in the hope something sticks.

I had better get back to some more normal subjects now, though some Wild West buildings would not go amiss.....


"We left them thar cattle here somewheres..."

Big Jim Cooley?

"Pretty Boy" Pete. His right thumb is obviously of special note.....

"Them buffalo won't shoot 'emselves." Luther Kirk Jr.

Manny Kurtz is a former Ohio man, via a stint in the Prussian army.

Frank Coote.

Zachary "Don't tell him your name" Pike. I should really have painted the scarf dark red and with stripes.

Brad Johnson.

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