Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Reason I Went To Partizan (mostly)

Apart from getting the figures I ordered from Old Glory for my Bannockburn-era project, the main reason I went to Partizan was to see the advertised League of Augsburg game.

I missed the Derby show last year, but went to the 2011 show with the express intention of seeing their game there, but missed it, shoe-horned as it was into some side room. I have seen their outings in the flesh only a few times, but have always been impressed with the scenic basing of the figures, the colour and scale of the game, the vignettes, their promotion of their game and the all round look of the things they do. I love the look of the 1690 period, and will one day complete my own offerings, so sit back and (hopefully) enjoy a selection of the photos I took of their game at Partizan.

Note: the quality of the photos is variable and owes a lot to the venue, with its random lighting, milling punters and close confines causing weird shadows in unexpected places. I have tried to select the best.......A better camera might help, as would a modicum of photographic talent. Maybe one day I will have both.


The Huguenots brigade. I believe the flags are the ones produced by Warfare Miniatures based on Clarence Harrison's work.

Bellew's Regiment, one I wish to add to my own Jacobites.

Massed Catholic horse.

And more still.

Protestant Horse.

I have always had a thing for windmills!

Some Danes.

Somewhere in "sunny" Ireland. Anyone who has ever been there will know it is anything but most of the time!!!

Magpie that I am, I was drawn to the distinctive flags of this regiment. I was informed it was John Lacey's.

I was also told that this was the Earl of Westmeath's.

The same Danes as before from a slightly different angle.

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