Friday, 14 June 2013

Welcome back and a new show

Hello again.

Don't you just hate it when you do not have enough time for the things that matter? What with a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show (I thought it would be good as it was the 100th anniversary, and it was too, especially the brass, goblin, garden ornaments!!!), taking youngest daughter to her first ever football tournament (they got thrashed, but I may just have a Roberta Moore [aka "Bobby"] in the making) and masses of work at, hmm, work, there has not been a lot going on.

  1. I did get to Partizan for the first time in years - post/ show report/ pics to follow.
  2. I have played a couple of very enjoyable games of Dead Man's Hand - see below.
  3. I have now done banners for all of my English cavalry for my Bannockburn project.
  4. I have added a couple or so more units of infantry to the project.
  5. And......I think that is about it.
I will cover off all the above within the next week or so, but I want to take this opportunity to advise all those local to the Midlands of a new show just a week away.

It will be held at the White Eagle Club in Stafford on Sunday, 23rd June, from 10 till 3. It is on Riverway, opposite the cricket ground, about two miles from junction 13 of the M6 and dead easy to get to. I believe it is also free to enter!!! The Wyrley Retinue will be there (as many of us who can shake a leg on a Sunday morning anyway) with a 30 Years' War game (we do have other stuff, but it would be a shame to get all the figures dirty! A chap named Mark, who has organised it and whose surname I do not know, believes there will be 24 traders there (quite likely since he says he is charging just £6 a pitch!!!) and various games. We can only get an 8x4 table, but I will forgive him for that!

Do come along if you can. I gather Mark's effort is largely if not solely a solo one, so he deserves all the credit for such an endeavour and I certainly wish him well.

Look forward to maybe seeing one or two of you there. Come and say "Hello" if you do make it over.


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