Saturday, 28 September 2013

Edward gets a flag

The last of my planned English command elements for my Bannockburn-era project is finally here and, wait for it, is varnished too!!!

I painted the three figures a while back, but have been hanging fire on the Royal Standard (i.e. chickening out of....)

Anyway, here they all are, awaiting some terrain to finish them off.

I am actually a little disappointed in the overall thing. In hindsight, I should probably have done some more heraldry on the ancillary figures rather than just give them red caparisons. Perhaps a depiction of some of Edward's other holdings. I could not find out who carried his banner, so that would have been good too had I been successful in that minor quest.

Hey ho.


The three amigos. All three are 1st Corps (pack MEC1 I think), with a wire standard pole. The round base is 75mm diameter from Magnetic Displays and the staging just cut up plastic bases I would not otherwise use.

The usual calico standard. I used gold paint in various shades/ mixes to try to give a high-end finish to the banner. This is the King, after all.

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