Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Review - Fireforge Teutonic Infantry

I buy a fair few figures each year and have bought several sets of Fireforge figures for my Bannockburn-era project, but felt a bit let down by this one.

  1. The price - I paid £20 for 24 plastic figures. This was my choice, but I could have got 24 metal ones from Curtey's, for example, for just £4 more and would not have had to put them together. As I said, my choice, one I made purely for speed, as the shop had these in and not any others!
  2. The options - the castings are good, the 24 figures mostly in good poses, but I wanted spearmen to augment my English and there were not enough spears to equip even 20 figures allowing for two standards and two leader figures with hand weapons. I do not mind the odd conversion, but I HAD to convert 8 figures to hold spears, by using open hands intended for crossbowmen and sourcing parts from elsewhere, e.g. other kits I already have and my bits box.
  3. The sprue attachments - I expect to have to trim off mould lines and small lugs where I cut the pieces loose, but I do not like having to potentially damage the parts to get the pieces off the sprues because of the way they are attached.
  • they are readily available
  • they mix well with the other kits in the series (and you need more than one box for an army anyway!)
  • the plastic is easily worked
  • you get bases in the set which are meant for "Deus Vult" but equally useable elsewhere
  • the set does give you a number of options to equip your figures, just arguably not enough of any single option for my tastes.
Good figures if you want the work. 5 out of 10 on the value for money, 7.5 out of 10 for the figure quality.



  1. That's somewhat disappointing.

    How are other Fireforge boxes?

  2. Rob,
    The foot sergeants box is better, with twice as many figures for the same sort of money. The Teutonic knights and Mounted Sergeants also good, but be prepared to trim off Germanic helmet crests/ adornments for anything west of Berlin. All the sets are very useable and mix well, but I think this is more a case of milking some cash for better figures in a game (as with certain other companies), where you pay more for rarer, tougher troops in games terms. A simple marketing ploy I suppose.


  3. Good to know.

    I've been tempted by many of the medieval/Renaissance armies lately, and the Teutonic Knights were on the list (along with a feudal French, Burgundian Ordonnance and Swiss, etc). I was thinking DBA first, especially for Teutonics where I don't feel much like painting up their opponents as well.