Monday, 30 September 2013

Pembroke's archers

With just two months to go until my first planned outing with this project, at the Wargamer Show in Birmingham on 1st December, I am almost there......

  • The last of my planned English units is awaiting a standard, but all the figures are now painted.
  • My Scots need four command elements, some highlanders and Islesmen.
  • I need to varnish all bar about seven units.
  • I need to terrain all the bases except Lord Clifford.
  • I need to make a few token buildings.
  • I need to paint some casualty figures as disordered markers.
  • I have some civilians and other vignette types to paint to dot around the table.
  • I fancy some standing stones or a ruined Pictish broch/ dun for flavour.

Whilst I use the next eight weeks or so to cover off the above, I will leave you with a few shots of Pembroke's archers, a unit I finished a while back. All are 1st Corps from their Feudal range. And these are actually varnished!!!


Valiant Welshmen fighting for their true king. None of that Plaid Cymru rabble here!!!

Close up, hopefully showing the quality of the original 1st Corps castings. The guys at 1st Corps are always helpful at shows, so give them some cash for their wares next time you see their trade stand! They have some great ranges.

And the other end of the unit. I have mixed figures from different packs of archers (heavy/ medium/ light armour, plus command).

A clear view of the banner. I used Pembroke's "burelly azure and argent" as a base, with the red "arcry orle of martlets" becoming three red tails. Plausible, I hope.


  1. Beautiful figures, a great work with the brown colors!

  2. Lovely paintjob. I've just invested in a few of those very same archers at the Derby/Donnington show. Is it 1st Corp, Curtley's or Kingmaker? I always get a bit confused by their stand.


  3. I never know which is which either Matt!!! I just call them all 1st Corps. What do you intend to do with your archers - Lewes? Welsh Wars? Anglo-Scots?


  4. I've been inspired by the Welsh Wars as a campaign but I'm cherry-picking some random knights from history as I like their heraldry (ie Peter of Dreux - my game, my rules). Some of the Welsh princes heraldry such as Llewelyn ap Iorwerth is going to be an absolute pig to paint.